16th November 2017 Exhibition

Exhibition Report

Featured Layouts: Kinghtwood Junction, Hollybank, Keyhaven, Helstowe, Freemo Modular Layout, Canal Street, Stephens Lane TMD, Brockhampton, Albany, Itchen Bottom, Elmbridge MPD

On 26th November the NFMRS held their annual open day at Brockenhurst. The event was well attended with around 500 visitors. The NFMRS exhibited many of the club layouts, those constructed by members and some visiting layouts. If you came to our open day we hope you enjoyed your visit and if you have any comments or feedback please contact us at nfmrs@yahoo.com.

The ever popular OO gauge was represented by: Knightwood Junction, Helstowe, Hollybank Depot, Atherfield, Keyhaven and Canal Street. We also had an HO American based Freemo Modular Layout and four N gauge layouts: Brockhampton, Albany, Itchen Bottom and Elmbridge MPD. And those with an interest in O gauge could see Stephens Lane TMD.

There were also several trade stands and demonstrations.

Here are photos of the exhibits: more information on some of these layouts can be found in the 'Layouts' page of this website. Apologies for any layouts not included or any of your favourite special details not mentioned.

Kinightwod Junction

Starting with a club favourite, Knightwood Junction has been around for some time and still manages to impress, especially when dominating the main hall. This layout has much to offer and always attracts a lot of attention.

The curved station mimics an interesting and lifelike station...

...and there are long stretches of track.

Hollybank Depot

Hollybank Depot is a finely detailed end to end layout with many locomotives.

The half demolished building next to the canal provides an unusual trackside feature.


Keyhaven is another layout that has been in the club for years. Those that have seen it before will recognise the ship and the trains that it carries.

The long stretch of arches shows off the length of the layout to good effect.

And there is much detail around the ship loading area.


Helstowe is a club layout under construction. This end to end layout comprises a station, several crossovers and sidings and a eight road fiddle yard.

A new fa├žade hides the fiddle yard and includes a platform. This is developing into an interesting layout.

Freemo Modular Layout

Freemo Modular Layout was kindly presented by the Bearwood American Model Railroad Group. Some explanation: the long layout is made up of HO scale 'Freemo' modules. This impressive layout took up the full length of the hall. Although having a single track from end to end there were many sidings and detailed areas representing a semi rural area in North America. You can visit their club website at https://bearwoodamrg.wordpress.com/.

This photo gives some idea of the length of the layout, and still omits the fiddle yard at the end.

There are many small scenes like this...

... and the feeling of space is well portrayed.

Canal Street

Canal Street has been present at several local exhibitions and still going strong.

The wealth of detail continues to attract much attention from visitors.

Stephens Lane TMD

Stephens Lane TMD was the O gauge layout with a large shunting areas.

With a six road TMD area many locos can be stored and switched.

Stephens Lane TMD was kindly presented by the South Coast MRC based in New Milton. More information on this club can be found at http://www.southcoastmodelrailwayclub.co.uk/

This year the NFMRS exhibited four N gauge layouts. They attracted much attention as this small scale is becoming more popular with more and rolling stock and kits becoming available.


Brockhampton is the 24' long club layout that continues to be developed with the addition of a viaduct, ballasting, the start of station construction and other scenic details in the pipeline.

The viaduct over a water feature has many detailed features...

... and the station is in early stages of construction.

There were three 'portable' N gauge club member layouts that could easily fit in the back of a car. All three were very different from each other.


Albany represented a country station, in this case based on the station at Arley on the Severn Valley Railway. This layout is very open to represent the large swathes of countryside that surrounded these stations.

The four road fiddle yard at the rear includes a small terminus station.

Itchen Bottom

On the other hand, Itchen Bottom is very much a work in progress. This layout incorporates two separate figure of eight circuits, each independently controlled.

Embankments are under construction and interesting tunnels are included. The track is Kato which a modular track system with integral ballast that easily clips together.

Truss bridges are used to cross the lines of the figure of eight.

And detailed has started in some corner areas.

Elmbridge MPD

Elmbridge MPD was the fourth N gauge layout on display. This contrasted with the other N layouts by being a busy two level layout which included a station and MPD area. A further description of this layout and others can be found on the 'Layouts' page of this website.

If you visited our open day let us thank you for coming along and we very much hope that you enjoyed the layouts on display. Our next exhibition will be held in Brockenhurst on 26th and 27th May 2018 and we hope to see you again then.