Spring 2019 Open Day

Report on the NFMRS 41st Exhibition held on 25th and 26th May 2019.

Once again the NFMRS was proud to present its 41st May exhibition in Brockenhurst. As on previous occasions there were many layouts on display and traders were aplenty to provide most items that the railway modeller requires. Our object is not to just showcase our hobby but to stimulate others into engaging with the world of railway modelling.

Our May exhibition is focused on visiting layouts to provide something new for our visitors to enjoy. We also added a couple of our own club layouts. The following is a brief report of the 12 layouts at our May 2019 exhibition and highlights the many interesting and sometimes novel subjects that have been modelled.

So, starting off with 'Christchurch between the bridges'. It's always good to see a local scene modelled and here Christchurch station is depicted between Barrack Road bridge and Fairmile Road bridge. The OO gauge layout is set in present day but there are the inevitable steam specials passing through.

Local scenes are also included like this church..

...and footpaths near the track.

Another layout based on a real station is 'Wiveliscombe'. Sadly the station is long gone, but original station buildings still stand enabling the modellers to produce authentic models. The very detailed layout is based around a gentle curve with the land falling and rising to either side of the track. All this is based on the station as it was in the early 60s and is modelled in OO.

Although there are only two through tracks there are sidings to provide shunting operations.

An interesting notice board provides lots of detail about the history of the station.

This excellent layout also has many buildings that have been scratch built from card and plastic.

At the rear of the layout is a full length fiddle yard with 12 through roads. There's much to see and admire on Wiveliscombe.

The Basingstoke & North Hants Model Railway Society was represented by a layout called 'Priors End', modelled in OO. This is an end of line station based in the Southern Region in the 1970s.

You can find out all about this layout at: https://priorsend.weebly.com/

'Folly Lane' is another OO layout loosely based on a real place, this time Haslemere. This is a large layout measuring some 20' x 7' and was built in one year. Very impressive.

And this layout has the lot: DCC sound, automatic signalling, automatic level crossing (!) and hand built buildings.

The station has an impressive canopy with covered footbridge. But there also some rural scenes around the layout like these sheep being driven or are they cows?

There was smoke coming off the Flying Scotsman!

And now for an N gauge layout. Many of you may have seen how our N gauge layout 'Brockhampton' has progressed over the years and is now nearly complete. No doubt we shall find areas to change and improve over the coming months. You can find out more about Brockhamton on the 'layout' page of this website.

'Lymwood' is a long OO gauge layout representing the Southern Region. The layout has many features, and as is often case needs 'the hand from heaven' to help out with running trains!

See this website's 'layout' page for more photos of Lymwood.

We had a visiting layout called 'Camlas'. What does that mean? It's Welsh for canal. This charming layout is based on a now disappeared Newcastle Emlyn station in Carmarthenshire. Camlas has had the distinction of appearing in the 2015 edition of Railway Modeller.

The details of the cattle dock and mill creates the essence of a GWR branch line.

There's much more about this layout at https://fareham2.webs.com/

'Knightwood Engine Shed' is part of the large club layout Knightwood junction.

The main focus for this part of Knightwood is the 70' turntable...

...and the sidings.

Being able to operate just part of this large layout demonstrates its flexibility. You can see more photos on the 'layouts' page of this website.

Railway modelling is becoming increasing sophisticated with the availability of reasonably priced electronic components. And manufacturers are meeting the increasing demands of modellers for more and more realism and accuracy. The visiting layout 'Waton' in N gauge includes many of the new features available: scratch built trackwork, photographic images on card buildings, light signals controlled by microprocessors, even a route setting operation using a laptop. Where will it all end?

The 10' long layout provides a nice balance of station and open countryside.

We have seen Falkirk Road before: it was displayed at our last open day and then it was a bare baseboard and track. And in the exhibition report we said: "We very much hope he returns to our open day to show us the finished layout". Well we are pleased to welcome back the finished article which is a very tidy example of a micro layout.

The layout is based in central Scotland with the rolling stock adapted accordingly.

Note the tartanesk front skirt!

And now for something completely different: 'Langley'. This large OO layout is set on two levels, each independent of the other. This new 20' x 8' layout was constructed over two years by two of our club members.

There are too many interesting details to mention here, but the following photos pick out a couple of features of note.

Two separate tracks can be seen clearly segregated....

...and not many layouts feature a scaffold.

Corners are filled with street scenes.

No doubt we will be seeing a lot more of Langley and seeing what developments will be taking place.

Finally we come to 'Weston Lane', another N gauge layout. Once again this layout demonstrates how much can be packed into a small area using this gauge.

The backdrop of terrace houses not only gives the impression of a long street, but at the higher level provides a three dimensional perspective. The layout has a wealth of detail.

The houses are very detailed. Notice the lit patio area?

We hope this report has provided a flavour of what was on show at our exhibition. If you visited our exhibition we hope you had an interesting and enjoyable time.

We wish to thank those operators of the visiting layouts that gave up their weekend to be at the exhibition.

And we trust the many traders had a successful time.

We hope that you come along to our open day at the end of November 2019 where once again we shall fill the Brockenhurst Village hall with layouts. Visit our diary page nearer the time for details of what you can see.